2019 All Canadian Belgian Contest Rules


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Beth Palmer, Chairperson; Terry Morrow, John Northcote, Barb Meyers, Don Orr, Leigha Sandwith, Lois Sandwith,

Advisory: Marg Dennis, Drew Mundie, Grant Gee

The 2019 All Canadian Program: This program with the support of the Canadian Belgian Horse Association is again being offered for 2019.

The objective of the program is to promote the Belgian Breed, by giving encouragement and support to the designated shows, recognizing the year accomplishments of our breeders/owners/exhibitors by offering exposure and recognition as well as creating an outstanding historical value of the Belgian Breed.

The All Canadian Belgian Committee is the administrator of the program:

2019 Rules are as follows:

1. All horses entered must be registered with the Canadian Belgian Horse Association or Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America.

2. Nomination form must be signed by the current registered owner at time of submission.

3. A horse must earn a qualifying placing in the current year in an open class at one or more of the designated shows listed. A qualifying placing will be the two top placings of the Belgian participating at a designated show, offering Belgian line classes or combined draft line classes. Speciality or Group classes are not part of the program.

4. Eligibility in the All-Canadian Belgian program is determined entirely by placings at the following designated shows:

Calgary Exhibition & Stampede, Calgary, AB July 5 to14

Vermilion Exhibition, Vermilion, AB July 25 to 27

Saanichton Fall Fair, Saanichton, BC Aug 31 to Sept 2

Birtle Fair, Birtle, Man Aug 2 & 3

Virden Fair, Virden, Manitoba. July 27 & 28

Colonial Days, Lloydminster, AB July 11 to 13

Alberta Percheron Club Futurity, AB Sept 28&29

Carp Fair, Carp, On Sept. 26 to 29

ECNDHE. Essa Agriplex - Thornton, On Aug 3 & 4

Lindsay Central Exhibition, Lindsay, On Sept. 18 to 22

Navan Fair, Navan, On Aug. 8 to 11

Norfolk County Fair, Simcoe, On Oct. 8 to 14

Rockton World’s Fair, Rockton, On Oct. 10th to 14th

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, On Nov. 1 to 10

Expo de Brome, Brome, Qc Aug 30 to Sept 2

Shawville Fair, Shawville, QC Aug 29 to Sept 2

Expo Saint Hyacinthe, St-Hyacinthe, QC July 18 to 27

Expo Trois-Rivières, Trois-Rivières, QC July 5 to 13

Expo Agricole deBeauce (St Honore de Shenley) Aug 9 to 11

Becancour Futurity, Sept 14/19

Windsor Spring Draft & Driving Show & Pull N.S. May 31 to June 2

Fredericton Spring Show, Fredericton, NB. June 15 & 16

Westmoreland County Fair, Petitcodiac, NB. July 28 to Aug 3

Napan Agricultureal Show, Napan NB. Aug 8 to 11

Old Home Week, Charlottetown, PEI. Aug 8 to 17

Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition, Truro, NS Aug 20 to 24

New Brunswick Provincial Exhibition, Fredericton, NB. Sept 2 to 8.

5. There are eleven classes offered for the All Canadian Belgian Contest:

A - Filly Foal

B - Yearling Filly

C - 2 Yr Old Filly

D - 3 Yr Old Mare

E - Yeld Mare

F - Brood Mare

G - Stallion Foal

H - Yearling Stallion

I - 2 Yr Old Stallion

J - Stallion 3 Yrs & Over

K - Registered Gelding

6. Photo’s: An un-retouched, un-altered photograph, or email an unaltered, high resolution digital coloured picture. Photos altered in any way will cause an automatic disqualification.

Picture to be of current show season. - Horse to be standing. No harness or motion.

7. Within reason the committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.

8. Deadline for nomination forms: The nomination must be received by the Committee on or before October 28th; EXCEPTION entry shown at the Royal Winter Fair, the horse picture and/or update to the horses’ year placings must be in the committee’s hands by November 11.

9. Please submit a nomination form per horse signed or your email attaching the nomination form will be considered your acceptance of the rules and signature.

10. If a judge at one of the designated shows has an entry in an ACB class, this is considered a conflict of interest, therefore he or she would not place any class involving his/her entry.

The ACB contest doesn’t cost you anything to enter and gives you valuable exposure of your horses and their success. We encourage you to support the program by the submission of an outstanding picture to show case your horse shown in 2019.

For further info contact or view the following: All Canadian Belgian Committee, Beth Palmer chair, John Northcote, Don Orr, Marg Dennis, Leigha Beckwith, Terry Morrow, Lois Sandwith, Drew Mundie.

Facebook - allcanadianbelgian; email: info@allcanadianbelgian.ca

website - www.allcanadianbelgian.ca or website - www.canadianbelgian.com

The list of qualifying shows is evaluated each year, if you as an exhibitor/owner have a suggestion please contact a committee member for consideration in the following year.

All Canadian Results will be tabulated by the placings of each judge, placed in a chart form assigning points based on number of entries in class. ie 6 entries in class pts will be 6,5,4,3,2,1.

In the event of a tie – the method of breaking ties will be:

No. 1 highest number of judges who placed horse first in class.

No. 2 if still tied, go to highest number of judges who placed horse second in class

No. 3 if still tied, go to highest number of judges who placed horse third in class

No. 4 If we still have a tie the number of judges who used each horse in the placing of supreme (no matter placing)

No. 5 If still tied which one placed higher in Supreme selection by most judges.

Supreme selection will be done by same judges, selecting their top ie 7 horses in the contest. # horses to be selected will change by # in entire program, objection of this is to ensure a clear cut answer is achieved.