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1.      Eligibility in the All Canadian Belgian program is determined entirely by placings at the designated shows listed below.


2.      Each year the top two placings of a Belgian at all designated shows are eligible to be entered in the All Canadian Belgian Contest. The horse must earn a qualifying placing in the open class at one of the recognized shows.  Placings at fairs holding Belgian line classes or at fairs holding combined draft line classes, a qualifying placing will be the two top placings of the Belgian.     Placings in the bred & owned and/or other specialty classes, group classes do not qualify


3.      All mares, stallions and registered geldings must be registered with the Canadian Belgian Horse Association or Belgian Draft Horse Corporation of America. This includes foals. Grade geldings are currently the only non-registered horses accepted in the contest.


4.      There are twelve classes which qualify for the All Canadian Belgian Contest:


Geldings (any age),

Registered Gelding (any age)

Stud Foals,

Yearling Stallions,

2-Year-Old Stallions,

Aged Stallions ( 3 & Over),

Filly Foals,

Yearling Mares,

2-Year-Old Mares,

3-Year-Old Mares,

Yeld Mares ( A mare that had an Embryo Transfer foal but did not carry and nurse a foal herself is to be entered and    qualify in the Yeld Mare class.)

Brood Mares.  


5.      This contest is meant to be an accurate historical record of the year’s events. 


6.      The designated shows will be listed on the website, along with the Judge’s name as well as the placings (eligible nominees) for that show as soon as possible to the show being over.  (This list will be sent to designated judges along with submitted pictures for judging for the All Canadian.  Therefore see no. 7 )


7.      Please review results posted on our website, www.allcanadianbelgian.ca prior to entering or during the show season.  Discrepancies on the website should be reported to the Committee by November 1st, of the current year, by email, phone or writing advising of the error and the correction.  If no discrepancies are received by November 1st, it will be taken that the recorded results on the website to be final and binding.  This is what will be reported to the All Canadian designated judges.  


8.      Within reason the committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.  


9.      Entries will be accepted by snail mail, email or courier up until November 1st 2017.  Please sign the form, your email will be considered your acceptance of the rules and signature.


10.  For nomination of a horse your entry is to be received by November 1st, you will need to ensure your horse meets the requirements and submit the following:


a.       Obtain the nomination form from the website as many as you need (one for each (horse) entry) or contact a committee member for forms.  Complete the entire form.


b.       Ensure your horse was in the top two placings of a Belgian in one of the qualifying classes at a designated show.  (As stated above the owner exhibitor has had an opportunity to verify the posted results on the website.)


c.       The form must be signed and dated by the current owner of the horse.


d.      You must list the fairs attended and the qualifying classes exhibited in and if crowned as a champion, please list whether the horses was crowned Jr. Champion or Reserve Jr.; Sr. Champion or Reserve Sr. Champion and or  Overall Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion.  This contest is meant to be an accurate historical record of the year’s events.  Please list all the designated shows you participated at and the qualifying placing not just the one you won. Inclusion of only selected finishes does not accomplish that goal.)


e.       Junior and Senior Foals must be designated as such for those shows offering both divisions.


f.       Photo 1. An  un-retouched,  un-altered  photograph,  or  email  an unaltered, high resolution digital coloured picture, any size, of the horse standing only, and taken during the current year show season. Photos altered in any way will cause an automatic disqualification.


11.  Do not crop or cut photo or touch up picture or horse or equipment in any way.

12.  Picture to be of current show season.

13.  Horse must be standing.  (no harnessed or movement pictures)

14.  Due to copyright restrictions, if using a photo from a professional photographer, please include disclaimer from the photographer.   Talk to your photographer.  Submitted photo’s may be reprinted for promotional material in media publications, social media, or publications used to acknowledge promote the breed and exhibitor of the all Canadian program; with photo acknowledgement included.


15.  Your entry must be received by the Committee by November 1st.  ENTRIES AFTER THIS DATE, will be considered late. Entries received after November 1st,  and incomplete entries will be excluded from the contest  -  EXCEPTION - entries shown at the Royal Winter Fair, your picture or update to your year placings must be in the committees hands by November 13,;  only accepted if shown at the royal.


16.  The All Canadian Belgian Committee is the administrator of the program. 


17.  All Canadian Belgian Committee is proud to offer this program as a tool to promote the Belgian Breed, encourage and support the breeder and show owner/exhibitor by offering exposure and recognition as well as creating an outstanding historical value of the Belgian Breed.


18.  The Canadian Belgian Horse Association is a sponsor of this program and with their support:


19.  The pictures of all nominees and their winnings will be published in The Canadian Belgian Banner and on the website.   This will be the same info sent to the designated judges for their placings as a ballot form.


20.  If a judge of one of the designated shows has an entry in an All Canadian class, this is considered a conflict of interest and therefore he or she would not place that particular class his / her entry is in.


21.  Each judge of the designated shows will receive the class nominations for all Canadian and will be asked to place the whole class or top 5, and return his/her ballot form to the All Canadian Belgian Committee for tabulation.


22.  The judges will also be requested to select  “OVERALL SUPREME CHAMPION “


23.  Upon return of the ballots prior to the spring issue of The Canadian Belgian Banner, The horse in each class with the highest points will be the All Canadian and the second highest will be the Reserve All Canadian. A reasonable number of Honorable Mentions will also be designated based on the tabulated results. There will be no set number of Honorable Mentions named–Some classes warrant several, others none at all.



24.  The Canadian Belgian Horse Association will present awards and certificates to each All Canadian and Reserve All Canadian owner at the Annual Meeting.  Publication of the winners in the program will occur in The Canadian Belgian Banner as well as the website in late spring.


All entries must be received by November 1st* (exception Royal see #15)

All Canadian Belgian Committee

Email address on website


mailing address is to be determined and

listed on nomination form




The top two ( 2 ) placings of a Belgian in the Line Class earns the right to be nominated.  


Calgary Exhibition & Stampede, AB

Vermilion Exhibition, Vermilion, AB

Saanich Fall Fair, Saanich, BC

Birtle Fair, Birtle, MB

Virden Fair, Virden, MB

Colonial Days, Lloydminster, AB

Alberta Percheron Club Futurity, AB

Carp, ON

ECNDHE – Essa Agriplex - Thornton, ON

Lindsay Central Exhibition, Lindsay, ON 

Navan Fair, Navan, ON

Norfolk County Fair, Simcoe, ON

Rockton World’s Fair, Rockton, ON  

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, ON (exception deadline is Nov 13,) 

Brome, QC

Expo Trois Rivieres, QC

Futurity, Sorrell, QC

Shawville Fair, Shawville, QC

St-Hyacinthe, QC

Westmoreland County Fair, Petitcodiac, NB

Napan Agricultural Show, Napan NB

New Brunswick Provincial Exhibition, Fredericton, NB

Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition, Truro, NS

Old Home Week – Charlottetown, PEI


The list of qualifying shows is evaluated each year, if you as an exhibitor/owner have a suggestion please contact a committee member for consideration in the following year.


The North American Belgian Championship, held in the USA  or  Canada will be a designated show.  Entries placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th are eligible to submit an entry and be part of the All Canadian Belgian Program.


May we encourage you to enter your eligible nominee for recognition of your accomplishments, and to be part of the historical record of the Belgian.  Being part of this program is of economic value to each breeder exhibitor and owner of a Belgian horse nominee. 




John Northcote,
2 Jul 2017, 04:01